Ed Schoenroth

Ed Schoenroth was born and raised in the farming centre of Hodgeville, Saskatchewan, where he spent his childhood years attending the rural school in the district leaving Hodgeville in 1941 and moving to Moose Jaw where he spend his high school years.

Ed joined the Navy in 1943 and after the war was over and Ed was discharged from Naval Services Ed attended the Canadian Vocational Training School in Moose Jaw becoming a plumber apprentice in February 1946. This was the beginning of the apprentice system in Saskatchewan and Ed's registration was "P-4". His apprenticeship was finished in 1951and has faithfully served the Industry ever since.

Ed started work in 1946 at the firm of Richardson and Dracup Plumbing and Heating (Walter Richardson and Harry Dracup) and in 1947 was a charter member of the Plumbers Union 409 when it was formed.

Ed served on the Negotiating Committee on behalf of the Union, those were the days when they would have heated discussions over a 2 cent increase in wages!

Ed changed companies in 1957 going to work for Moose Jaw Plumbing and Heating in the fall and it was there he met Carl Young, who Ed became friends with and became partners in forming the firm of C & E (Carl & Ed) Plumbing and Heating February 2nd 1958. Ed's partner Carl Young was a charter member of Ashrae Regina in 1962 and Ed joined the chapter several years later. Carl and Ed's new firm of C & E Plumbing and Heating rapidly became a powerhouse in the Mechanical Industry in Southern Saskatchewan and remains so to this day.

Ed has served the Industry well. In addition to his many years of contributions to Ashrae Ed has served the Employees Association, MCA's and the Saskatchewan Construction Association, the Provincial Negotiation Committee and helped fonn the Health and Welfare and the Pension system and Education system for the Mechanical Contractors of Saskatchewan. Ed served on the Board of Directors of MCAS and was Provincial Chainnan in 1973. Ed also served on the Board of Directors of MCAC (Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada) and was elected National Chairman of MCAC 1980-81.

Ed spent over 40 years working with the Provincial Apprenticeship System serving on munerous Boards and Committees. In addition Ed spent 4 years on the National Apprenticeship Committee of the Canadian Labour Force Development Board which he found both interesting and frustrating, frustrating because this body attempted to have both Federal and Provincial Governments agree to Standardization across the Nation which never came to pass. TIns four year period involved a great many meetings and Ed travelled extensively while serving this board. Ed is currently a trustee on the Educational Committee of the Saskatchewan Piping Industry .

Ed's partner Carl Young retired in 1968 and Ed's two sons Art and Gary then joined Ed in operating the business which was renamed C&E Mechanical in 1990 with Art and Gary taking over day to day operations. Arts son who also holds Journeyman status in the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting trade is now employed at C&E Mechanical.

Ed had seen a great many significant changes in the Industry. From Bell and Spigot soil pipe, to CI Mechanical Joint soil pipe to the introduction of ABS DWV and the many new plastic piping systems.

C&E was selected by the Daymond Company to do the first ever ABS DWV installation in North America in the late 1960's. The project being Langdon Towers in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. Ed's phone rang off the hook for the next few years with Mechanical and Engineers across North America seeking advise from this first ever installation.

Ed saw genuine wrought iron pipe come and go as well as asbestos cement D WV. He saw the introduction of the cut grooved piping systems which has now evolved into roll groove and press fit systems.

Ed feels that the introduction of National Gas in 1956 was one of the most momentous happenings in the Industry and he served on the Examination Board. He installed boilers from coal stokers to oil to natural gas. He has also installed system utilizing Solar energy as well as ground water source heating and cooling systems.

Ed designed and built gas burners capable of consuming 52000 cu feet/min of gas for the Sodium Sulphate Plant at Bishopric in conjunction with Associated Engineering. These burners consumed more gas than the entire city of Moose Jaw did at that time. Ed also designed and installed the Steam Power Plant for the Proyjdence Hospital Project in Moose Jaw.

C&E Plumbing and Heating and later C&E Mechanical have completed many very significant projects in Southern Saskatchewan, to mention a few:

Ed felt fortunate in having had such a varied amount of experience in the Construction Industry having developed and earned a reputation of honestly and integrity .

Having turned the business over to Art and Gary, Ed found it was time to retire and he and his wife Fran spend their winters in Victoria away from the harsh Saskatchewan winters. He noted that one can never forget the good years, the good meetings and the wonderful friendships that were founed during his time with ASHRAE.

The Regina Chapter of ASHRAE presented Ed with his long deserved Life Membership a few years ago at the May meeting with son's Art and Gary and Grandson in attendance. Ed unfortunately passed away on 2012, andhe will surely be missed as the Industry has been a much better place thanks to individuals such as Ed Schoenroth.