In 1993, a group of Regina chapter members got together to produce a history of the Regina Chapter.  This group consisted of Trevor Harle, Peter Hughes, Fred Waldie, Wayne Hydeman, Tim Bell, Sean Angley, and Bill Wright. The paragraphs below are verbatim extracts of the document that resulted from their research.


The following brief history provides the facts of the Regina chapter.

The early years, the first 24 was prepared in 1986 by Trevor Harle and a small committee which piled over the minute books and recorded the highlights.  Trevor and his committee had the document ready for our 25th anniversary celebration in 1987.

The recent records were compiled by Bill Wright who is the present[1993] historian.

History usually evolves in a record of the facts. When Peter Hughes acted as the chapter historian during 1990 through 1992 he developed "Peter's Scuttlebutt''.  Our chapter news letter is "The Pile of Bones".  Most of the areas real history can be found in Peter's writings.

It is considered that at least one of these history inputs should be recorded here for posterity.

To set the scene, Gerry Smith is known as the Regina Chapter's oldest non-member.  Gerry has been in marketing of mechanical equipment with several of the local and national companies.  In 1990 we all wished Gerry goodbye to go to Toronto.  From Toronto he ended up in Calgary.  The following "Scuttlebutt" explains his return to join the ranks of his once fierce competitor.

From February 1991 ‘Scoop's Scuttlebutt’

No sooner said than done!  Having merely speculated last month, it is now confirmed that the "Gipper" has in truth returned to a life of high debauchery in Regina's fast lane.  Convoys of McCosham Van Line trucks have been arriving from the west over the past week carrying showshoes, mukluks, snow blowers, muskrat coats, ice buckets, parkas, sled dogs and other essentials for life in the Queen City of the low arctic.  Bars have stocked up on Dubonnet and sliced lemons, restaurants with quiche, low-cholesterol donuts and horses doofers.  Gerry entered Regina last week accompanied by a police motor cycle escort and an honour guard of RCMP in dress uniform.  Most of you will have noticed the flags draped along Albert Street bridge.  Last Friday the Leader Post stopped their presses pending further announcements.  Mothers all over the province have taken the precaution of locking up their daughters.  Barmaids are braced for the onslaught.  Snooker parlours are straightening their cues.  Pawn shops have polished their signs.  City businessmen have been seen scurrying around town, grim faced, muttering "no comment". Yes folks - it's true, the one and only Gerry Smith is back in town. Remember, you read it here first.

1962-1963 : President - Bob Yoneda

In the beginning there was a nucleus of ASHRAE members located in Saskatchewan who decided to form a chapter that was to be known as the Saskatchewan Chapter.  The first organizational meeting was held October 25, 1962, with the first Board of Governors meeting held the next week on Thursday, November 1.
The first Board of Governors were:

  • President :              R.S. (Bob) Yoneda
  • Vice-President :     William (Bill) Herr
  • Secretary :             R. J. (Reg) Briggs
  • Treasurer :               Toar Springstein
  • Director :                Don Daniels
  • Director :                Lynn Wilkinson
  • Director :                George Green

Monthly meetings then as now [in 1993] were held at the Assiniboia Club.  Meals were $1.75 and drinks $0.50.
Membership fees were $20.00 for Regina members with a prepaid meal plan, and $5.00 for Saskatoon members (with meals $2.00 extra).  Meetings were to be the third Thursday of the month but changed part way through the year to the Wednesday following the third Monday; this was changed to coincide with the Manitoba Chapters meetings so the same guest speaker could arrange to speak to both chapters on succeeding nights.

The first guest speaker, on January 16, 1963, was James Keen of Yost Keen and Associates, who spoke on the mechanical design of the Saskatchewan Power Corporation Building.

The Saskatchewan Chapter was presented its Charter on March 22, 1963, by John Fox, the first Canadian ASHRAE President.  Saskatchewan became the 96th chapter, and the 9th in Region II (Region II was made up of all the Canadian Chapters except British Columbia).  Mr. Fox presented a gavel to Bob Yoneda as the Charter President on behalf of the Las Vegas Chapter, the last newly formed ASHRAE chapter.  A banner was presented on behalf of the Montreal Chapter.  Head table guests were Mayor H. P. Baker, John Fox, John Ross, Percy Butler, Ed & Mrs. Deeves, Ed &Mrs. Cole, Ken McCartney, Vass Carroll, Bob & Mrs. Yoneda, Bill & Mrs. Sheppit.

John Ross the Director and Regional Chairman Region II presented a curling trophy in his name to be awarded for annual competition between the Prairie Chapters to foster a spirit of fellowship among the Western Chapters.  The first winners were Carl Balzer, Lynn Wilkinson, Doug Adair, and Jeff Deeprose of Regina.  A dance and social evening followed the competition.

Saskatchewan Chapter delegates to the May 3rd, 1963, Region II CRC in Banff were Bill Herr (delegate) and Bob Yoneda (alternate).

The first annual golf tournament was held in June at Katepwa with a barbecue following at Don Daniels cottage.

The 62/63 Chapter Officers were asked to remain in office for the following year.

There were approximately 30 ASHRAE Society members with 40 to45 on the Chapter’s local list.

1963-1964 : President - Bob Yoneda

The regular October meeting was held in Saskatoon with the Regina members going up by bus.  John Ross, the Regional Chairman, spoke on the benefits of ASHRAE membership.  Gus Handegord of the National Research Council spoke on some of his work on building research as it affects the heating and ventilating field.  Bob Yoneda pointed out that two of our Saskatoon members, Gus Handegord and George Green, both had articles published in the ASHRAE journal.

The John Ross Curling Trophy play-down was held in Calgary, with Nellie Greene, Clint Stewart, Doug Adair, Jeff Deeprose, and Bill Sheppit representing Regina.  The entry fee was $34 and the team was to travel by train.

Each chapter was to contribute $0.50 per person for Region II operation.

The chapter contributed $100 towards the United Engineering Centre building fund.  The CRC was held in Ottawa.  Bill Herr was our delegate and Reg Briggs the alternate.  The chapter received a Membership Development Award for increasing our membership from 29 to 53 members.

The Golf Tournament was again held June l0th at Katepwa with a barbecue at Don Daniels cottage.

1964-1965 : President - Bill Herr

The Saskatoon meeting was held in November with 68 in attendance. Mr. Otto Ulrich of Armstrong Machine Works spoke on Humidification of Air Handling Systems.

The December meeting was of a Christmas Social. The January meeting notice was sent out on green paper (the colour of money) to those whose dues were due. Meeting programs included a tour of the new SPC Building, and talk on the Squaw Rapids Hydro Electric Plant, a tour of the Kalium Chemicals Potash Plant, and a Molson Brewery Tour.

Our local curling playdown winners were L. Wilkinson, W. Sheppit, V. Grosse, and W. Herr. This foursome represented us in the John Ross Curling Trophy playdowns on March 19th which were held in Regina.

The CRC was held in Winnipeg May 5th with R. J. Briggs as our delegate and Bill Herr as alternate.

1965 – 1966 : President R. J. Briggs

The annual Saskatoon meeting was held October 22 with Mr. A. N. D'Aary speaking on Specifying Air Filters. There were 44 in attendance.

Fees were raised to $25.00 with guest meals at $3.00 and drinks at 3 for $2.00.

Our local curling playoffs were set for March 12th followed by our regular meeting and a ladies night. There were 70 members and guests in attendance. George Crawford presented the Marcast Trophy for local competition. The first winners were Nelson Greene, Vic Woroby, T. Harle, and Ian Hay.

Ted McRoberts of Edwards :Industries Limited fabricated our stainless steel lecturn. Our bylaws were revised; the main change being that of changing the name to Regina Chapter [from Saskatchewan Chapter] and deleting the requirement of at least one director being from Saskatoon.

The Saskatoon Charter Night was held March 25th with many of our members attending. The Ross Trophy was held in conjunction with the charter night with our Regina team being the winners.

The CRC was held in Hamilton, Ontario with C. E. Springstein as delegate and L. T. Wilkinson as alternate. The year ended with a Golf Tournament held June 15th at Fort Qu'Appelle with a barbecue following at Don Daniel’s cottage.

Board of Governors :

President : R. J. Briggs
Vice President : C. E. Springstein
Secretary : D. D. Daniels
Treasurer : L. T. Wilkinson
Director : I. Richardson
Director : W. Sheppit
Director : J. T. Morgan

1966 – 1967 : President C. E. Springstein

The major revisions to the chapter bylaws were adopted. Fall meetings had technical speakers. Franz Kurth of Anemostat spoke on High Velocity Distribution in October and Bob Dorcy of the Regenerative Heat Corporation spoke on Air to Air Heat Exchanges in November.

It is interesting to note a motion was made to invite the wives to the December social. This motion was however defeated. The meeting notice says "Be sure to come and bring a guest". In January there was a panel discussion on Guaranties and Warranties and in February Jim Hotchkins of E. H. Price spoke on Lighting - Heat •Generation Problems and Solutions.

Ladies night was held at the Assiniboia Club March 4th. The winners of the local curling were N. Greene, V. Grosse, E. McRoberts and I. Hay.

In April Glen Pearson of Douglas, Pearson, Daniels and Fossey spoke on Total Energy Systems.

The CRC was held in Montreal in conjunction with Expo 67. Our delegate was L. Wilkinson and alternate Bill Borley.
The golf windup was again held at Fort Qu'Appelle with a barbeque at Don Daniels. The bus departed from the bus depot at 12:30 returning at 10:00 p.m. Cost was $6.00. The Presidents Trophy was won by Nellie Greene.

Board of Governors :

President : C. E. Springstein
Vice President : L. T. Wilkinson
Secretary : W. Borley
Treasurer : W. Sheppit
Director : V. J. Grosse
Director : G. V. Mitchell

1967 – 1968 : President L. T. Wilkinson

Our November meeting was held at the Saskatchewan Hotel with 15 members and 37 guests in attendance. The speaker was John Dawson with the Federal Department of Industry who spoke on Modular Coordination. Percy Butler Chairman and Director Region II brought greetings.

The January speaker was Harry Magus of Marathon Oil speaking on Search and Development of Oil Wells.
In February Mike Brady of Krueger Air Canada Ltd. spoke on The Science of Air Distribution.
The annual ladies night was held March at the Assiniboia Club in conjunction with our local curling playoffs. Cost $10.00 per couple.

The curling winners were G. Mitchell, W. Sheppet, V. Grosse and E. Ortluff.

The Ross trophy was held in Calgary, March 16th with Calgary winning.

Current membership was 52.

George Doig of Johnson •Controls spoke at the April meeting on “Computers As They Apply To Mechanical Systems”.

The CRC was held in Edmonton with W. C. Borley as delegate and George Mitchell as alternate.

The golf windup was held at Fort Qu'Appelle and a banquet at the Country Squire.

Board of Governors :

President : L. T. Wilkinson
Vice President : W. Borley
Secretary : G. J. Mitchell
Treasurer : V. J. Grosse
Director : C. Balzer
Director : C. T. Young
Director : T. D. Harle