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Research Promotion

We all benefit from ASHRAE. Those in our construction and design fields benefit through the HVAC&R related technical information and education provided. Our general population benefits primarily by having available a year around comfortable healthy indoor environment and by having the ability to maintain refrigerated or warm spaces necessary for preservation purposes and for other industrial processes.

ASHRAE continually sponsors research programs and studies to ensure that the information they provide is current and beneficial. These research programs and studies are funded by our donations to the Resource Promotions Campaign.

Our Regina ASHRAE Chapter continues to dominate the stage internationally as one of the most generous when it comes to Resource Promotion donations. We are continually at the top of the bar when our average donation per member is compared to that of any other chapter in North America.

If you would like to make a donation to ASHRAE Research, please contact ALANA YIP at 306.924.2684.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following companies and individuals who graciously donated to ASHRAE Research to make our industry, and our world a better place!

2013/2014 Research Investors


Corporate Donors



Individual Donors


Major Donors - Silver
($1,000+ Contribution)

Saskatchewan Insulation Contractors Association


HDA Engineering

Major Donors - Bronze
($500 - $999 Contribution)

Cypress Sales Parnership

HVAC Sales

R. J. England Consulting Ltd.

Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Major Donors - Antique
($300 - $499 Contribution)

Dyn Air

Ecco Supply - Regina

J-Clan Services

Honor Roll Donors
($100 - $299 Contribution)

Engineered Air

Conbrio Consulting Services

Harvard Property Management

KD Mechanical Ltd.

Norkorp Mechanical Ltd.

Marquardt Mechanical Ltd.

Walter's Industrial Mechanical Ltd.

Rob Craddock

Ray Sieber

Neil J. Paskewitz

Trevor Harle

Alana Yip

Janel Walter

Jason Danyliw

Greg Fluter

Jared Larson

Dan Brothers

Wayne Tkach

Brad Huber

Bob England

Kris Pockett

Carla Spriggs


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Please contact Ashrae Regina with any questions, comments or inquiries.
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